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Company Overview –

MobileSpike helps police officers end high-speed pursuits from the safety of their vehicle. With a push of a button, a spiked strip shoots out and pops the fleeing car’s tires instantly.
*Souce: Wefunder



Name: MobileSpike

Minimum Raise: $50K

CEO: Michael P. Moormeier

Maximum Raise: $388K

Company Founded: 2007

Structure of Raise: Future Equity (SAFE)

Location: Sacramento, CA

Valuation: $5M Valuation Cap

Crowdfunding Portal: Wefunder

Minimum Investment: $100

Crowdfunding Link: https://wefunder.com/mobilespike


Website: http://mobilespike.com/


Review Overview


Risks and Reservations

Noble cause that saves officers lives and prevents civilian casualties

Net income most recent fiscal year-end -$5,864.00

$25K+ investment for voting and pro-rata rights

Although a good deal of interest they are not customer funded and have limited working capital

Raised $1.2M from 1+ investors

Lack of visibility into how the small team will scale (training, sales, etc…)

Four years of testing with officers in the field

Government and regulatory agencies influence decision making


Nearly every day, someone dies from a high-speed pursuit and nearly 50% of the time, it’s an innocent bystander. Currently officers have to get out of their vehicle to throw net spikes across the road.


MobileSpike built the first automated tire-spiking system that allows law enforcers to stop high-speed pursuits from the safety of their vehicle.

Long Term:
Complete the Gen2 system which is lighter, stronger and half the cost.

Business Model

Each unit sells for approximately $3,111, mobile spike has a profit margin of approximately 54%


  • Multiple patents issued
  • Agencies in 22 states expressing interest
  • 100% of field testers have become customers
    *Source: Company provided on crowdfunding campaign website

Senior Management Team


Michael Moormeier

Todd O’Halloran

Gabe Terreson


CEO Director of R&D


Ownership Percent:

31.1% 31.1%



https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-moormeier-b029aa93 N/A


CEO Michael Moormeier and Director of R&D Todd O’Halloran invented the first MobileSpike prototype. VP & Director of Law Enforcement Training Raymond Moss has a good deal of scar tissue and domain expertise. Moss served in the Washington State Patrol for 25 years as a police driving trainer.

Market Analysis

Industry: Mobile spike is available to police or government agencies

TAM (Total Addressable Market): 16,869 law enforcement agencies with approximately 400,000 active service vehicles
*Source: Wefunder

Industry Opinion:
I like where the automotive and transportation industry is heading with regards to self-autonomous cars and more investments towards more efficient infrastructure. However, I dislike the uncertainty of the role MobileSpike will play when autonomous cars become the preferred form of transportation in the future. Also, unclear on the police agencies adoption of advances in technology as most will be consumer facing.


Revenue to Date: $0

Revenue Last Fiscal Year: -$5,864.00

Previous Funds Raised: $1,267,593

Use of Funds

  • Start Manufacturing Gen 2 that will lower the cost of goods and increase their margins
  • Build Inventory
  • Sales and Operations

Exit Opportunities

Expert Opinion:
MobileSpike’s “business plan calls for a sale of the company in about four years.” I think some realistic exit opportunities may be to sell to one of three existing competitors in the space such as StopTech which has 90% of global sales. Other potential acquirers include Stinger Spike and Mobile Deployment Systems.

Recent Acquisitions in the Field


Company Acquired Acquired By Amount

May 11, 2015

Taser International MediaSolv Solutions Corporation


Aug. 1, 2016 5.11 Tactical Compass Diversified Holdings


Expert Opinion Summary

This investment like most investments is risky as this is a pre-revenue venture. The team has generated early wins such as raising significant capital of $1.2M from one investor. Success will be heavily relied upon industry relationships and adaption to changing technologies on a timely basis. Their unfair advantage will be the team’s ability to enter and secure new markets being former officers themselves.

AngelList: N/A
Crunchbase: N/A


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