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Company Overview-

CrowdMed is revolutionizing healthcare by harnessing ‘the wisdom of crowds’ to help solve even the world’s most difficult medical cases quickly and accurately online. Their goal is to be relied upon by millions of patients as a trusted source of medical answers. They combine the collective knowledge of human diagnosticians with the speed and convenience of the Internet.
*Souce: Crunchbase



Name: CrowdMed

Minimum Raise: $200K

CEO: Jared Heyman

Maximum Raise: $1M

Company Founded: 2012

Structure of Raise: Convertible Note – 20% Discount – 2% Interest

Location: San Francisco, CA

Valuation: 18M Valuation Cap

Crowdfunding Portal: Wefunder

Minimum Investment: $100

Crowdfunding Link: https://wefunder.com/crowdmed


Website: https://www.crowdmed.com/


Review Overview

Positives Risks and Reservations
Ycombinator alumni Net loss of $803,014 in 2015
Well known previous investors Liability risks unclear/untested with providing health guidance
Disruptive product/business model Future growth heavily reliant upon large scale acceptance by health insurance companies
Note converts to preferred stock and includes 2% interest Getting patients to overcome the stigma of completing health research online


A patient with uncommon symptoms must go from specialist to specialist whose diagnoses may differ from one to another—before they can even begin treatment.


CrowdMed has created a site where a patient with medical condition that is difficult to diagnose or difficult to resolve, can post their case. There is a community of thousands of medical experts—medical detectives—from all over the world who collaborate on their platform to solve the patient’s case.

Long Term:
CrowdMed is ready to partner with healthplans to gain access to their members.

Business Model

CrowdMed generates a profit in two ways. They charge patients a monthly subscription fee to activate their case, the packages start at $149 per month and average $500 to $600. They also charge employers or health plans on a per case basis or a per member per month (PMPM) basis. Per case fees start at $300 and PMPM start at $1.25. For every dollar paid by a patient, CrowdMed receives over half as a gross margin. The average cash reward for detectives is $400 per successful case and is awarded to the detective or detectives who performed the best on the case.


  • 20,000+ medical detectives have registered for CrowdMed
  • 1500+ medical cases have been resolved on CrowdMed
  • 3 paid pilots with major U.S. health plans
    *Source: Company provided on crowdfunding campaign website

Senior Management Team


Jared Heyman

Tricia Ismail

Mark Belongie


CEO Communications Director

VP Strategic Alliance

Ownership Percent:

80% N/A







  • Jessica Greenwalt
  • Greg Swayne
  • Greg Denari

CEO Jared Heyman has previous startup founder success. Jared is backed by Mark Belongie as the VP of Strategic Alliance who adds the needed experience in the health plan industry.

Market Analysis

Industry: Healthcare industry

Market Size: ~6% of the general population

Industry Opinion:
I think the healthcare industry is in dire need of technological innovation when it comes to patient care and diagnostics. Only a select few startups have attempted to enter the somewhat difficult market. I believe to see large scale growth in this industry, a startup will certainly need to be well funded.


Revenue to date: $407,843

Revenue most recent fiscal year: $282,981 (2015)

Previous funds raised:

  • $2,40,000, convertible note, February 2013
  • $100,000, convertible note, April 2013
  • $800,000, convertible note, September 2015
    *Source: Crunchbase

Use of Funds

  • If $200,000 is raised they will begin execution of the 4 current health plan pilots.
  • If $500,00 they will have sufficient time and experience to convert some of the current health plan pilots into full-scale engagements.
  • If $1,000,000 is raised they will be able to launch additional health plan pilots and convert them into full-scale engagements.

Exit Opportunities

There are limited exits that can be compared to CrowdMed as they are truly innovating the space. I could see possible exit opportunities to one of the major health insurance providers looking for a competitive advantage that CrowdMed could offer.

Recent Acquisitions in the Field

Date Company Acquired Acquired By Amount
Aug. 9, 2016 anydooR Rozetta Corp $14M
Sept. 17, 2014 Darjeelin Voyage Prive Unknown
Sept. 18, 2012 Crowdcase Spigit Unknown

Expert Opinion Summary

I think the public is looking for and hoping for a company like CrowdMed to make needed technological advances in the healthcare industry. CrowdMed has essentially completed a large scale MVP up until this point by utilizing a direct to consumer model. The use of funds from this offering will be to execute pilot programs with four health plan providers. In the offering document CrowdMed indicates that a minimum raise of $500,000 is necessary to fully execute the pilots with the four providers.

The decision to fundraise through Reg CF at their stage leads me to believe that previous investors are wanting to see if CrowdMed can successfully sign the health plan providers before committing additional follow-on investments. If CrowdMed is successfully able to execute the pilots with the health plan providers and retain them as clients, they should be an exciting company to watch in the future.

AngelList: https://angel.co/crowdmed
Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/crowdmed


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