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Company Overview – 

Tradeshow allows fans to attend and exhibit conventions and expos from wherever they are located. Currently only fans who can afford to travel and attend in person get to enjoy the experience.
*Source: Wefunder



Name: Tradeshow

Minimum Raise: $100K

CEO: Solomon Engel

Maximum Raise: $1M

Company Founded: 2016

Structure of Raise: Convertible Note

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Valuation: $12M Valuation Cap, 4% interest

Crowdfunding Portal: Wefunder

Minimum Investment: $100

Crowdfunding Link: https://wefunder.com/tradeshow



Website: https://tradeshow.net/



Review Overview


Risks and Reservations

Appear to have solid partners with industry experience like Stan Lee, as well as 60+ shows booked for 2017

Investment is not solely in Tradeshow, but also in Boxes, the parent company, and core brand, and the timing, conversation, and price per share paid on the convertible note is uncertain

Tradeshow has the potential to create an entirely new industry – virtual conferences, trade shows, and conventions

Boxes’ prior year revenues are very small, and the company’s cash reserves ($115,000) at year-end were minuscule compared to the net loss for the year ($615,000). This company could run out of money, quickly.

Well-positioned to capitalize on current and future trends – including conference live-streaming, social engagement before, during, and between events, and the potential for virtual reality is clear

The business model and technology are both unproven – will vendors be willing to pay to have a booth, how many customers can you drive to the show, who pays for what?, how do you ensure there are no technical glitches?

AmazeCon, supposedly set for January of 2017, still has no social activity or web presence, raising questions about the 60+ shows to be produced in 2017


Currently, conventions such as Comic-Con have been reserved for fans who can afford to travel and attend in person.



Tradeshow created a virtual convention and trade show platform, allowing fans to experience the events through internet connected devices. Right now, they are focusing on certain key areas and popular genres for shows such as toys, comics, video games, and sports collectibles.

Long Term:

Eventually, they will have shows for anything from fashion, to antiques, to cars, you-name-it.

Business Model

Tradeshow has a multi-faceted business model. While most in-person trade shows and conferences which charge for sponsorship, ticket sales, and booths, Tradeshow adds in item sales, where they take a 10% commission, 1-on-1 video chat opportunities, and signings where they also take a commission. The business model, however, is totally unproven and is reliant upon Tradeshow’s ability to sign up shows, bring on vendors, and drive audience participation and transactions.


  • Signed contracts to put on over 64 shows in 2017
  • Patented the concept and technology for the virtual trade show
    *Source: Company provided on crowdfunding campaign website

Senior Management Team


Solomon Engel

Aaron Anderson



Art Director

Ownership Percent:







The founders of the business, Solomon Engel and Aaron Anderson, have started prior ventures, including ResumeSponge and Advise.Me. It is not clear the outcome of either venture. Both Solomon and Aaron are experienced at running startups, though appear to be new to the trade show and conference industry, which could present a challenge. The rest of the team is very developer-heavy, a critical piece to ensure the infrastructure can support hundreds of thousands of concurrent conference participants.

Market Analysis

Industry: Events Services

TAM (Total Addressable Market): $369B
*Source: Wefunder

Industry Opinion:

The conference industry, where travel to-and-from and logistics are some of the biggest cost drivers and factors limiting attendance, is going to be changed over the next decade by a variety of technologies, including virtual reality, live streaming, and the idea of “Virtual conferences.” Further, the success of online-to-live events seen in fields like eSports is a testament that this idea can be valuable and engaging if done right.

Company Financials

Revenue to date: $398 most recent fiscal year end (2015)

Previous Funds Raised: $1,434,300

Use of Funds

  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Putting shows together
  • Operating expenses

Exit Opportunities

Potential exits in this space include large event operators like Reed Exhibitions or Informa, entertainment companies like Marvel or DC, or tech mammoths like Google and Amazon, who both bid to buy Twitch, a gaming live-streaming community.

Recent Acquisitions in the Field


Company Acquired Acquired By


Aug. 11, 2016

ON Event Services Viad Corp


March 2015

Staging Directions Inc ON Event Services


Expert Summary Review

While the idea is compelling, there are concerns about the structure of the offering and how well it positions the company for success. A $12M valuation cap seems high for the $400 in revenue generated to date by the company, and it’s current cash position. Despite raising capital previously, the company only had $115K in cash on hand at the end of 2015 and was able to raise another $196,000 in 2016. The cost of spinning up a new platform, marketing it, selling and putting on conferences may not be covered by this crowdfunding campaign. It is not clear, with this capital, what milestones the company will achieve. While the early traction in a compelling market segment is impressive, a question that remains is the certainty that the 60+ events referenced will be completed in 2017.

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