About Us

Our mission is to provide crowdfunding investors with the same level of research a VC fund would perform. We do this by finding new deals on crowdfunding portals and completing a due diligence report on each deal to provide investors with additional information needed to make an informed decision on whether or not they should invest in the startup.

Reasons why we created this site

With one goal in mind, we created this site to give everyday people who are looking to invest in startups an outside opinion and the ability to read between the lines. Many people outside of the industry don’t know what information to look for. We can assure you that each report has information you need to know about the risks and rewards and that no information is being hidden. Each report is written from an investors perspective instead of the sales perspective that is often found on the crowdfunding portals.

According to a study done by the Kauffman foundation, investors who spent more than 20 hours on due diligence saw their investment rise to 5.9 times the amount it started at, compared to investors who only saw their investment rise 1.1 times after spending less than 20 hours on due diligence. Save yourself some time and let us do the work for you!